Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hello Again

So long time no blog. I have been very busy since the end of last year. Following my tour I appeared as “Hampton” in the Chicago premiere with my company making my acting debut with T&L. My wife is now 6months along with our first child, so I am getting ready to be a dad. Also, we have added three new ensemble members to T&L and are now holding weekly meetings working on getting our next two shows off the ground. I return to directing with “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek” by Naomi Wallace. I am going to focus on local folklore of the time and era to help deepen the context of the piece.

Things have been exciting and fun, we just moved this weekend as we anticipate our new daughter. Next week we have our first reading and I am ready to jump in. Our last auditions were our strongest to date and I am pumped about the casts we have on board for the rest of 2007.

I hope this finds you well.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Back in Chicago

The FL leg of the “Frindle” tour went quite well. We played to more than 8,000 kids and they were a blast. Start rehearsals on Mon for “Earl the Vampire” the next T&L show check out our website for details. The press release went out today, so two more mailings before we open. The fundraisers are planned, the music acts for the wine tasting are booked, and we are growing strong. We now offer a preferred seat program to avoid missing out on our shows, and as a way to build stronger relationships with our audiences. Our little marketing survey has been getting strong results. If you have a moment please take it by following this link: Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's a Frindle

So last week was spent performing two shows a day, and having a blast. I really value the work the Griffin Theatre does. Quality family shows that don't pander to the kids and adults can enjoy them as well. My wife Sarah caught the show last Sat. and got a little teary eyed at the end, making people laugh and cry while telling a story with a good message "learning is important" is wonderful! Working at the day job this week, and then next week onto FL for more shows. Still reading scripts about one a day, which is great, I have 7 more on order so my trip will be mapped out reading wise. Concept last Monday which went really well, Chris has a very exciting and focused vision for the show. I did some further work on the look of the set, need to get them to him and Andy ASAP. Sent out a marketing survey to see what interests people and how we can maximize our marketing efforts to get the largest return. Last night I went to a haunted house with Sarah after years of withdrawal and it was perfectly executed. Good times.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Show Closing

The Tempest Closes this weekend (Sun), and it is time to move on. Frindle opens on Mon 9:40am. T&L is getting more disciplined in planning which is great, and helping us move to a higher level of quality. MY STL CARDINALS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!! Great game last night I was screaming and laughing so hard I woke my wife up from her sleep and I was so damn giddy it made me that much happier, and yes I did get a bit teary eyed there when I realized that they were going. The last won it all when I was 11 months old (my first baseball season alive) after one happy year of marriage and the first baseball season of this new chapter winding down I figure they will win it for me.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From 35 to 11 Overnight

I have had little down time, between rehearsals with Griffin, performances of the Tempest (which closes this weekend after quite a long run for various reasons that I will not get into: if you must know ask me), and meetings of all kinds for T&L. Tempest closes Sun after the 2:30pm show, Monday 9:00am Frindle opens. From 35 to 11 Overnight. I finally get to shave wich I know Sarah is ready for.

My friend Amy G. asked me to design lights for a show she is directing, which opens right after our Jan show with T&L. Then it will be my directing slot with T&L. I thought about the last few days and it looks I am booked for the next year, great in very many ways, yet sad to think that there will be so much work out there that will be interesting, and I won’t be able to even think about auditioning. At least I can be an audience member whenever I want to.

Saw Lear at the Goodman two weeks ago, and loved it. I think you either love it or hate it, but I think it will be well remembered as the one of the first major US 21st Century Shakespearian productions. Also saw the Griffin’s Dead End. It takes some time to get into (about 15min) but then it settles in and you get caught up in it. This play from the 1930’s holds up quite well, and one quickly sees how the right ideas have been around for years and years we just still don’t pay attention. It is quite well acted all around, and many of the smaller characters have a major scene or two and then are gone. I thought the period was captured perfectly in the entire concept of the show. Even if the cast is at different levels experience wise (and in a cast 28 so everyone has varying levels of training etc) everyone steps up to the plate ready to do their part and it shows and makes the play that much stronger.

Still reading scripts Dec 2nd is the FINAL meeting where we will lock ourselves into Kim’s apartment and not emerge until we have picked our next two shows following Earl.

Well back to work at the day job [sigh].


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Taking Theatre to TV

Well, yesterday the production of the Tempest that I am currently playing in was featured on WGN, so needless to say it was a very long day as I had to get up at 4:30am. I am excited to see how the appearance impacts ticket sales this weekend.

I was introduced to “Throat Coat Tea” this week and I will give it a glowing endorsement. It is great for keeping your throat moist and able to deal with the demands of performing through the change of seasons and while sickness is moving along through a cast.

Last night I got to meet with Chris A. to chat about the artistic feel that I hope to achieve with our next few shows. I am also working on getting together dates for T&L fundraisers.

Next week it’s onto rehearsals with the Griffin Theatre for their tour.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back in Business

Sorry for the delay in my postings, I have been swamped. Well, opening weekend went well with the Tempest. I feel pretty happy with how my performance is evolving, and I think the show is a lot of fun to watch. I am curious to see how my friends receive it.

I got some thrilling news this week, I was asked to be in the cast of the next Griffin Theatre tour. The production of Frindel will play Chicagoland, Florida, and Ohio. It will be great to work with my friends there again. Upon returning from that project, I will be right in the middle of rehearsals for the next T&L where I have quite the hefty role. So, my acting muscles are getting some much needed work, and again I feel more well- rounded. Ultimately I do think I will still primarily focus on directing and producing, but acting work here and there still figures very much into my plans.

Last evening, we had an Ensemble meeting, where we laid the groundwork for our next year, and I am interested to see where it takes us, we continue to look toward the future, and expand our goals.

Here’s hoping you are well.